Professional Online Business Promotion

Eiphes, LLC provides social media strategy & management, website management, web design, video production, and photography services that take full advantage of the online distribution potential for niche & small businesses. We combine creative and artistic efforts with our deep experience in business technology to get return for our clients’ investments.

Once we identify a client’s goals and agree on a metric by which to measure the strategy’s performance, we continually monitor progress and make adjustments accordingly. Business is both an art and a science: there is no guarantee of success in the real world of emergent complexity, market forces, and random sociopolitical change. But having a dedicated team that works in your company’s best interest recognizing and responding to these forces absolutely enhances your business’s health as well as its ability to flourish.

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About the company:
Eiphes, LLC was started by David Anthony in 2017. As a video producer, his work was featured on Mtv2, Fuse, and premiered on the front page of Myspace Music. As a web developer and project manager, he built or has overseen the production of countless custom WordPress themes, static HTML sites, Laravel 4, and Django apps.

David’s experience in marketing includes organically building active social communities on Facebook and Twitter in the 1000’s, generating more social shares for relevant news than much larger comparable sites, creating “viral” youtube music videos for signed and unsigned artists with 1,000,000’s of organic views, and getting press for independent movies and web apps in publications like Indiewire, Filmmaker, and DreadCentral.

He has also worked with companies like Jnco Jeans, Hot Topic, Jagermeister, music video directors Dale Resteghini and David Brodsky, FOX, Roadrunner Records, and Century Media Records.

Eiphes, LLC enjoys close relationships with many contractors around the Atlanta area, particularly in the city’s entertainment, tech, and marketing industries.