Eiphes, LLC is an entertainment agency providing representation for qualified small business ventures, artists, and entertainers. In addition to expert consultation, market research, and negotiation on their behalf, clients receive access to top-of-the-line custom mobile responsive web design, video production, and photography services.

Eiphes opened its doors in 2017 in response to the swelling amount of un-managed talent in the Atlanta area. While many artists and entrepreneurs have done a good job of promoting their brands on their own via social media and word-of-mouth among friends, in some cases much more could be accomplished. David Anthony, a marketing and project management professional of 15 years, created an agency with a 21st-century mindset that communicates with its clients to understand and align with their goals and concerns.

We research, reach out, and engage audiences, handle uncomfortable negotiations to save face for our clients, and empower emerging artists and entrepreneurs to have more fulfilling and profitable careers. We strategically implement 21st century tools such as professional web content, broadcast-quality video production, and magazine-ready images to target specific media channels based on our client’s audience and brand.

If you think your career or business would benefit from professional representation, APPLY NOW.

About the owner:
David Anthony owns and operates Eiphes, LLC. As a video producer, his work was featured on Mtv2, Fuse, and premiered on the front page of Myspace Music. As a web developer and project manager, he built or has overseen the production of countless custom WordPress themes, static HTML sites, Laravel 4, and Django apps.

David’s experience in marketing includes organically building active social communities on Facebook and Twitter in the 1000’s, generating more social shares for relevant news than much larger comparable sites, creating “viral” youtube music videos for signed and unsigned artists with 1,000,000’s of organic views, and getting press for independent movies and web apps in publications like Indiewire, Filmmaker, and DreadCentral.

He has also worked with companies like Jnco Jeans, Hot Topic, Jagermeister, music video directors Dale Resteghini and David Brodsky, FOX, Roadrunner Records, and Century Media Records as an entertainer.

David has been a project management and marketing professional for a combined 15 years. He still deeply studies academic journals on consumer research, strategy, and psychology on a regular basis, along with his interests in cultural anthropology, neuroscience, and history.